Next-of-Kin Registry

The Next-of-Kin Registry is a New Jersey statewide web based system that allows individuals at least 14 years of age to voluntarily submit and maintain emergency contact information through the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. This non-public information will only be used to by law enforcement officers to locate designated emergency contacts in an event that a person is involved in a vehicle crash that renders him or her to communicate.

To register the next-of-kin, please fill out the form below with the applicant's current zip code, driver's license number and his/her full social security number. Up to two emergency contacts may be entered with their first name, last name and primary 10 digit phone number. Contacts may be changed and/or added at any time by logging into the registry.

To learn more about the Next-of-Kin Registry, please visit the Next-Of-Kin Registry FAQ page.

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